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Electric Motorway Sign - The W1nners' Club


Date 17/03/2017


Dear Paul,

I am writing to tell you that The Highways Agency is considering dismissing or taking disciplinary action against you.

This action is being considered with regard to the following circumstances:
This morning you reset the text on the road sign nearest to junction 25 of the M62 to contain the words, “blowy as fuck man – also my last day,” in the middle of a six mile tailback during peak rush hour.

You are invited to attend a disciplinary meeting in 20 minutes which is to be held in my office where this will be discussed.

You are entitled, if you wish, to be accompanied by another work colleague or your trade union representative but may I take this opportunity to remind you Paul that just because today is your last day and we finish in an hour, I haven’t yet done the monthly bonuses or filled out the reference form for your new employer so it might be a good idea if you actually attended.

Yours sincerely

signature 2 - The W1nners' Club


Department Manager – Motorway Road Sign Division


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