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Date: 17/02/2017


Dear Harriett,

You appealed against the decision of the disciplinary hearing that you be subject to disciplinary action.

The appeal meeting was held on 10/02/2017.

I am now writing to inform you of the decision taken by Mr. William Waterstone who conducted the appeal meeting, namely that the decision to dismiss you be revoked and that you should be given a pay rise for showing ingenuity and a commitment to how the company’s products are presented to customers.

Mr. Waterstone wanted it to be stated on record that if more people in the company had your creative (if a tad unorthodox) approach to the business, “we’d be bigger than f*cking Amazon.”

You have now exercised your right of appeal under the Company Disciplinary Procedure and this decision is final.

Yours sincerely


Signed:  signature 2 - The W1nners' Club


Manager: Paperback Fiction Department


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