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Tin foil office - The W1nners' Club


Date: 21/04/2017


Dear Andrew,

You have appealed against your disciplinary action on 21/03/2017 which was confirmed to you in writing on 24/04/2017.

Your appeal will be heard by myself in my office on 24/05/2017 at 9am.

You are entitled if you wish, to be accompanied by another work colleague or a trade union representative.

You will not however, be permitted to wear the tin foil hat that you’ve had placed on your head for the last 2 weeks as this is a procedure that has to be conducted in the correct and appropriate manner.

May I remind you also that the disciplinary decision arising from 21/03/2017 clearly states that your insistence on covering your desk space with foil because, ‘they,’ are able to give you headaches and chest pains using remote electronic harassment technology via the computer chip that has been implanted into your brain by the aliens that kidnapped you, is not the sort of behaviour we would expect from a Customer Services Manager.

My suggestion is that you should maybe stop reading books about the latest conspiracy theories and consider seeing a drug councillor as well.



The decision of this appeal meeting is final and there is no further right of review.

Yours sincerely


Signed: signature 1 - The W1nners' Club

Manager: Human Resources Director


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