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funny staircase - The W1nners' Club

We are constantly trying to improve the level of service we provide, and ask that you take a minute to tell us how we are doing and what we can do to improve:

How happy are you with the job we have just completed?  (1 = delighted – 5 = very unhappy)
1 2 3 4 5√
How happy are you with our overall performance since we started working with you?
1 2 3 4 5√


I have given the scores above because:
When we originally commissioned your services, our aim was to ensure that we are able to provide wheelchair access for users of the council library. In that respect, you’ve more than done the job as requested. What you haven’t done however, is consider how the hell people who are not in a wheelchair will get over the divider rail you’ve oh-so-cleverly placed in front of what remains of the ‘staircase.’ That staircase was once the pride and joy of this library and whilst it’s important for us to provide access for wheelchairs to remain compliant by providing a ramp, we had hoped that you would allocate a more equal distribution of space between the two. I now fear that there may be a battle for space on the ramp as both people in wheelchairs and people on foot will be jostling for space. If you’ve ever had your big toe run over by a wheelchair, you’ll know that the wheelchair always wins!
You could make me even happier by:

Understanding that if we’re going to have a staircase at all, then it needs to have proper stairs on it rather than the ever-diminishing wedges of concrete we’ve been left with.


Any other comments:
The one good thing that has come out of this debacle is that our attendance figures for people in wheelchairs have never been higher – for obvious reasons!



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