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funny shower head


We are constantly trying to improve the level of service we provide, and ask that you take a minute to tell us how we are doing and what we can do to improve.

How happy were you with your stay at our hotel?  (1 = delighted – 5 = very unhappy)
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Will you be recommending us to friends and acquaintances as a great place to stay?

(1= most definitely – 5 = highly unlikely)

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I have given the scores above because:
……..because they’re the only scores I can give in all honesty.

In your brochure it clearly states that the rooms are air conditioned with a heated en suite shower and in the broadest sense of your definition we shouldn’t actually be disappointed. The temperature of the rooms was indeed variable, but only because the smashed window that had been taped over with a strip of bin liner could be removed – not the bin liner I might add, but the entire f*cking window!

The en suite shower as your brochure so euphemistically described it, was to the shower industry what Steve Davis is to raucous banter. Your, ‘heated showers’ are the limp lettuce of showering.

The great irony is that you were bang on the money by referring to them as ‘heated’ showers because the shower head is the only thing that actually got hot – albeit after you’ve finished showering and despite the water remaining at sub-zero temperatures.

Alas, the burns I suffered as a result of trying to extinguish the candle were more than ably treated by the freezing cold water that continued to drip from the showerhead after I’d finished.

You could make me even happier by:
Spending a night at your own hotel!
Any other comments:
You’ll do some roaring trade if there’s a power cut and the lights go out in the middle of a heatwave!



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