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Letter of enquiry to GP regarding likely cause of absence

crocodile trainer - The W1nners' Club


Doctor’s name: Dr. George Balthazar                  Date: 24/11/16

Address: Calvert Hill Surgery, Eastbourne



Re: Long Term Absence

Name: Giles Williamson

Address: Flat E, Happy Snappers Crocodile Training School, Bournemouth

To administer Statutory Sick Pay, and the Company’s sick pay scheme, and to plan the work in the department, it would be helpful to have a report on your patient, who works for our organisation.

His/her* work as a Amphibian Morale Manager and crocodile trainer has the following major features:

Management responsibility for: Ensuring the physical and emotional well being of animals under our care and basic skills training

Seated/standing/mobile (All of the above but the mobile element of the role is of particular importance if any of the animals become aggressive in any way)

Light/medium/heavy effort required *

Day/shift/night work *

Clerical/secretarial duties *

Group I (private)/Group II (professional) driver *


Giles has always had a healthy relationship with our animals and the crocodiles in particular have always demonstrated a positive attitude towards his methods – particularly when Giles dangles a whole chicken over their enclosure. Recently however Genghis, a large Salt Water Crocodile with an estimated bite force of 16,000 Newtons had started to demonstrate an increasingly ambivalent attitude towards Giles’s training methods (please see photo above). When Giles dangled a huge rib-eye steak over the enclosure in an attempt to get Genghis to move within range of the keeper who was holding a tranquiliser gun, Genghis reacted by ignoring the steak altogether and went straight for Giles’s left leg. This was a complete surprise to everyone present – most of all Giles who regularly uses this tactic when transferring the Crocodiles to another section of the compound.

The absence record for the past year is summarised as:

Total days lost: 5

This month: 5

Previous months: 0

What is the likely date of return to work (there was a lot of blood doctor so we’re sure it’ll be at least a couple of weeks)? __/__/____

Will there be any disability at that time (ie. how successful have the surgeons been)? ……………………….

How long is it likely to last (assuming the leg was successfully re-attached of course)? ……………………….

Are there any reasonable adjustments we could make to accommodate the disability (perhaps by ensuring the Crocodiles are actually given the food when it is dangled over the enclosure in future rather than Giles simply laughing loudly at them)? ……………………….

Is there any underlying medical reason for this attendance record (stupid question Doctor, but we have to ask due to protocol)? ……………………….

Is he/she* likely to be able to render regular and efficient service in the future (or will Giles freeze in terror at the sight of a pair of snake skinned shoes)? ……………………….

Is there any specific recommendation you wish to make about him/her * which would help in finding him/her * an alternative job, if that is necessary, and if there is an opportunity for redeployment (for instance no climbing ladders, no driving – in this case no handling of rib-eye steak without supervision)? ……………………….

I would be grateful for an early reply and enclose a stamped addressed envelope. Please attach your account to the report (following the BMA guidance on fees).

Yours sincerely

Signature - The W1nners' Club


Signed: Owen Carson

Role in the company: Acting Health and Safety Director


* Please amend/delete where necessary


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