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cock beer outdoor advertising billboard


We are constantly trying to improve the level of service we provide, and ask that you take a minute to tell us how we are doing and what we can do to improve.

How happy are you with the job we have just completed?  (1 = delighted – 5 = very unhappy)
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How happy are you with our overall performance since we started working with you?
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I have given the scores above because:
Do I really need to spell this one out? Picture the scene if you will: you’re driving along a busy dual carriageway on the way to the supermarket for the weekly shopping trip. You have the kids in the back and all is going well as you’ve promised them a gift from ToysRus if they behave themselves today. All of a sudden, one of your older kids that is now at secondary school starts sniggering for no apparent reason. The younger child sat next to the older one also starts to giggle just as you pass the large billboard sign for our Pilsner lager campaign that incidentally, cost roughly the same as a semi-detached bungalow just outside the M25. You look into your rear view mirror to see what all the fuss is about only to be met by the sight of what appears to be a 14ft. penis of ethnic origin being suspended roughly 40ft in the air. Pilsner is the market leading brand in its sector and now every time our customers stack their fridge with their favourite beer, their kids will start placing the cherished beer bottles inbetween their legs trying mimic the offensive advert they saw the previous week – either that or they’ll be scarred for life! I understand that one of our key strategic objectives for this ad campaign was to achieve a degree of standout, but your creative team appear to have missed the point somewhat!!! (See picture attached)
You could make me even happier by:
Removing the billboard sign and pulling the campaign AT ONCE!! Then have a long chat with your creative team to find out who the genius responsible for designing the advert was. We requested a media first for this campaign and you’ve certainly delivered on that front – just not in any way that avoids turning our brand into a national laughing stock!
Any other comments?
Please do not ask for payment as refusal will most definitely offend – I will make sure of it!!


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