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Meeting details


Date:  04/05/2017
Time:  3PM
Location: National Trust – Upton Snodsbury Regional Branch Office
Type of meeting: Special Projects Committee
Minutes taken by: Mr. D. R. Hunting




Chair – Mr. Phil Anthropy

Ms. Abbey Estate

Mr. Cliff Head

Mrs. Charity Commission

Mrs. Cathy Dral



To approve the construction of a fence to go with the gate at Pucklechurch Manor (See Picture)


  • Special Projects Committee board meeting has met to discuss whether a fence should be erected to go with the new gate at Pucklechurch Manor Estate.
  • It was agreed at the last meeting that a gate would be a great way to prevent deer from being run over on the main road, but it only came to light once the gate was built that additional measures might be required to render the gate fully secure.
  • Several members have argued that a fence as well as a gate might upset the local rambling association as the gate exists on one of their main footpaths.
  • One member stated that perhaps a fence should be built on one side of the gate only as a compromise.
  • The committee disagrees on which side the fence should be built if only one side is to be chosen.
  • One member (the same member that suggested only one side of the gate should be fenced off) suggested it would be more logical to build a fence on the left side as that’s the side we use for driving in the UK – hopefully the deer will obey the rules of the highway code.


Conclusion: 2 in favour, 2 against, 1 abstention





Person responsible


Since an altercation with the Rambler’s Association is to be avoided at all costs, a study will be undertaken to examine the possibility of moving the gate to another part of the field, thus leaving the thoroughfare open for ramblers to use without hassle or difficulty. Mr. D. R. Hunting 04/06/2017



Another Special Projects Meeting is to be arranged at a later date to discuss whether it may be a good idea to build a fence around the entire perimeter of the field to keep out Ramblers.


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