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beverage salesman - The W1nners' Club


Name: Iain Williams

Job title: Beverage Salesman

Department: Outdoor Promotions

Length of time in post: 1 week

Date of appraisal: __07/__11/__16

Section A – Assessment of potential

Not fitted at present for further promotion

Not fitted at present but likely to become fitted within the next two years

Fitted for promotion

Section B – Employee’s aspirations

Describe employee’s career aspirations, noting relevant details about interests, mobility, previous experience, etc.

Employee was demoted from his previous position as a sales executive for repeatedly turning up to work late. On being asked what steps he was taking to improve his punctuality, the employee simply rolled his eyes and said it wasn’t his fault the Northern Line is like a f*cking cattle truck sometimes. He was subsequently placed on outdoor promotional duties until we see a change in his overall attitude.

Section C – Job experience

Does the employee display abilities which may make him/her a suitable candidate for a job in the same grade but in a different discipline?

 Yes/No        If ‘yes’, list job(s) identified

Unfortunately for the employee, he is proving rather adept at standing in the pouring rain wearing a cappuccino frappe suit all day. It’s a simple role but it should give him the time to work out whether it’s something he wants to be doing for the rest of his life. Now that the weather is getting colder, it should further help him make the right decision regarding the aforementioned.

Section D – Training

Would further training or other development action be appropriate?

 Yes/No        If ‘yes’, list job(s) identified

Most definitely – we suggest at least another week or until he begs for his old job back and promises to always be on time going forward – whichever happens sooner.

Reporting Manager Signed:  Royston Banks

Section E – Employee’s comments on assessment of potential

Please, please, please can I have my old job back!  🙁


Signed: Iain Williams (former) Sales Executive

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