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Sewer Cleaner - The W1nners' Club


Employee’s name: Mr. Sanjeev Gupta
Job title: Sewer Cleaner
Department: Environmental Health
Date of engagement: 03/05/2017
Manager: Mrs. Pauline Jones
Date of meeting: 03/08/2017

Current performance


Objective/competence 1:


Being prepared to climb down a stinking manhole without being thrown in.

Objective/competence 2:

Not begging to come out straight away.

Objective/competence 3:

Not throwing up.

Development summary:


Despite being prepared to climb into a sewer without having to be thrown in or hypnotised, Sanjeev now needs to develop his skills further by being prepared to actually wade through the human waste, used tampons, rats and dirty bathwater to unblock it.


Development and training


It has taken us 3 months to get this far with Sanjeev and continued on-the-job training should see his exemplary development improving even further. This is partly because we have agreed with Sanjeev that this is the best way to develop, but also because there are at present no specialist courses for increasing an employee’s tolerance for working in a sewer that doesn’t involve spending 8 hrs a day in a sewer.

Career planning


Sanjeev has expressed a desire to work in the office as an admin assistant, but also says that any job that doesn’t involve spending 8 hrs a day in a sewer would be of particular interest.

Other areas of discussion


Sanjeev has requested to be allowed to buy a jar of Vicks vapour rub and cotton wool to shove up his nose on company expenses because he says the standard issue clothes pegs keep falling off his nose.

Assessment Level

This is based on performance over the year against objectives achieved

Outstanding performance

(Objectives exceeded and competencies more than fully demonstrated)


Climbing into the sewer without having to be thrown in anymore.

Standard performance

(Objectives met and competencies fully demonstrated at required levels)


Staying in the sewer without calling out for his mum.

Less than standard performance with development needs

(Most objectives met but development required to fully meet all objectives)


Doing any actual work once in the sewer.

Unsatisfactory performance

(Performance unacceptable; objectives not met and competencies not demonstrated)

Approaching the job with a smile on his face every day as per the company guidelines (see picture attached)
Employee’s signature: sketch of poop - The W1nners' Club
Appraiser’s signature: signature 2 - The W1nners' Club
Date: 03/08/2017
One copy of this completed form will be kept by the appraiser, one by the appraisee and one in the employee’s personnel file.


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