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Employee’s name: William Childs
Job title: Mobile Toilet Operative
Department: Festivals and Building Sites
Date of engagement: 08/09/2016
Manager: Dave Somerset
Date of meeting: 08/09/2017

Current performance

Objective/competence 1:


Achievement of the minimum required cleaning of 20 Mobile Toilets per hour

Objective/competence 2:

Not throwing up

Objective/competence 3:

Not falling in

Development summary:


William has so far been outstanding in his first year as a mobile toilet operative, in fact it’s fair to say that he appears to enjoy the job in ways that almost appear a little strange given the challenging nature of the role. He perhaps needs to learn to try to be a bit cleaner in the execution of his tasks as he usually ends up covered in effluent after a shift.


Development and training


William should perhaps shadow some of our more experienced mobile toilet operatives for a period to get an understanding of why they don’t end up covered in faeces at the end of their shift.

Career planning


William has asked if he can progress to the disposal team who are responsible for emptying the waste material into septic tanks.

Other areas of discussion


Our only area of issue with William is that he has on occasion be known to express a rather worrying fascination with human waste and even has pictures of excrement as a screen saver on his mobile phone. Whilst he does indeed have the right to conduct his private life in any manner that he sees fit, it would be better for team morale if he didn’t watch scatological pornography clips at the depot during his lunch break.

Assessment Level

This is based on performance over the year against objectives achieved

Outstanding performance


Enthusiasm and willingness to do not only his own work, but that of others as well.

Standard performance


Following the rules as per the employee handbook.

Less than standard performance with development needs


Overall cleanliness at the end of a shift.

Unsatisfactory performance


Refraining from stripping naked at the end of a shift and locking the door of a mobile toilet, only to open it a few minutes later covered in waste material and sustaining an erection.
Employee’s signature: sketch of poop - The W1nners' Club
Appraiser’s signature: signature 2 - The W1nners' Club
Date: 08/09/2017
One copy of this completed form will be kept by the appraiser, one by the appraisee and one in the employee’s personnel file.


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