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Animal Welfare Operative - The W1nners' Club



Employee’s name: Simon Price
Job title: General operative
Department: Animal Welfare – Dr. Whisker’s Travelling Circus
Date of engagement: 25/01/2016
Manager: Dr. Airey Whisker
Date of meeting: 25/01/2017

Current performance

Objective/competence 1: Ability to get on with the animals


Simon has a healthy relationship with most of the animals in our zoo although we have had to address a couple of issues in terms of how the elephants react to being treated for constipation (see picture attached).

Objective/competence 2: Ability to get on with colleagues

Simon has become the most popular member of the team over the past year – mainly because he is willing to lend a practical hand when it comes to dealing with any problems the animals may have. Elephants with constipation can be particularly challenging to deal with and Simon’s willingness to contribute to team objectives in this area where other staff have refused, is a testament to his professional attitude and team play.

Objective/competence 3: Adherence to health and safety issues

Simon is always well-equipped and abides by the health and safety rules when required to perform any given task. Our only concern is that he has occasionally been found to be without his blue protective head sheet when working with the constipated elephants and whilst this does not present an immediate threat to anyone’s health or safety, the elephants seem to get irritated somewhat by it. Indeed, on a couple of occasions the elephants were found not to be constipated, thus leaving Simon in a less than ideal situation with regard to overall cleanliness.

Development summary:


We think Simon’s empathy when treating the animals could be improved with additional support and training. The elephants in particular, seem to cower in fear whenever he enters their enclosure so this may indicate that he needs to get a better understanding of their emotional needs. Nevertheless, when the elephants are eventually restrained, Simon performs the task of treating them with enthusiasm and vigour.


Development and training


We would suggest an animal psychology course for Simon to attend in an effort to improve his bedside manner when managing the larger animals. We feel that as a company we would potentially avoid a significant amount of drama – not to mention repair costs for structural damage to enclosure walls if Simon were to look at ways in which he can better relate to the elephants and show them that he means no harm before commencing treatment.

Career planning


Simon has always stated that he wishes he was a vet and whilst this is not possible as he left school in year 8, there could be other ways for him to work closely with the animals going forward.

Other areas for discussion


Simon was caught on one occasion in the middle of the night treating the elephants for constipation whilst wearing no protective clothing – in fact he had no clothing on at all. He has since apologised profusely for such behaviour and stated that going forward he will always abide by the health and safety rules.

Assessment Level

This is based on performance over the year against objectives achieved

Outstanding performance

(Objectives exceeded and competencies more than fully demonstrated)


Enthusiasm for the role

A willingness to work outside work hours if required

A strong desire to use his own initiative, particularly where the diagnosis of unruly elephant behaviour is required


Standard performance

(Objectives met and competencies fully demonstrated at required levels)


Compliancy with health and safety rules

Less than standard performance with development needs

(Most objectives met but development required to fully meet all objectives)

Willingness to let others treat the elephants if he is not at work

Unsatisfactory performance

(Performance unacceptable; objectives not met and competencies not demonstrated)

Making the animals behave strangely whenever he enters their enclosure
Employee’s signature: elephant drawing - The W1nners' Club
Appraiser’s signature:  Signature - The W1nners' club
Date: 25/01/2017
One copy of this completed form will be kept by the appraiser, one by the appraisee and one in the employee’s personnel file.



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