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Shredded documents - The W1nners' Club


Do you need to find out what a co-worker’s latest wage increase was?

Maybe you just want to find out who is likely to get the chop in the upcoming round of company redundancies?

Whatever your reason, shredded documents provide an invaluable source of sensitive company information that can be used to your advantage.

Reassembling shredded strips back into a complete document can be done as follows:

1.    Keep a close eye on the shredding machine


Some shredders use special plastic bags for the disposal of shredded documents that are of a different size or colour to the rest of the rubbish. You’ll need to identify and seek them out when you burrow through the office waste bins after work.

2.    Organise the strips


Once you’ve identified the bags of shredded documents, you’ll need to sort the strips into different piles. This should be done in an off-site area with a large work surface. It might also be a good idea to use gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints on the document strips. Work on one bag of shredded paper at a time as the document strips should all be together in a single bag.

You’ll need to identify the following like features of documents in order to find all the correct pieces to bring together:

  • Colour of paper
  • Texture of paper
  • Size or thickness of paper
  • Font of writing
  • Location in the bag

3.    Reassemble the documents


Work patiently and slowly in a piecemeal fashion to assemble the strips one at a time. You’ll need to create word sequences and will likely need a heavy object to hold the strips in place. Once you’ve managed to recreate full pages, either photocopy them or take a photo with your mobile phone.


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