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Office Olympics - The W1nners' Club

It’s that time of the week again!

The boss is away on annual leave and most people in the office have been for a liquid lunch. As you and your colleagues drunkenly slave your way through the remainder of the afternoon, it might be an idea to let go of the mouse for a minute, log out of Facebook and do something worthwhile for the rest of the day.

We have compiled a list of activities that you and your colleagues can undertake to find out who is the supreme office athlete in your workplace.

It will require blood, sweat and tears to become champion of the office Olympics and only hard work and determination will guarantee you a place on the podium (your chair).

Good luck and let the games begin – it is Friday afternoon after all!

1.    Weightlifting

weightlifting - The W1nners' Club

Equipment needed:

  • One broom handle from the cleaner’s cupboard
  • Two full plastic containers from the water cooler refill supply


Place the broom handle into the handle gaps of each water container, then place each container at opposite ends of the broom handle. Your aim is to lift the broom handle as many times as possible above your head in one minute with the water containers still attached to the broom. The technique and style you use to lift the broom handle isn’t important, you just need to hold it above your head at full arm’s length for a full second.

2.    Archery

office archery - The W1nners' Club

Equipment required:

  • A set of standard issue rubber bands
  • One unsuspecting (preferably drunk) colleague


The aim of this event is to try and ‘ping’ the rubber band into the eye of the colleague that sits across from you on your bank of desks and they in turn should try to do the same to you. Separate points are allocated for hitting your colleague’s eyeball, headshots, and body shots. In the ‘capture the flag’ version of the archery event, participants must work in groups of three against members of an opposing team of three who will have a ‘base’ in another part of the office. The aim is to steal the opposing team’s ‘flag’ (any type of desk tidy or pen holder will do) whilst trying to avoid being hit with rubber bands. There is also a ‘protect the President’ version that can be played but the ‘President’ will need to be someone that wears glasses to avoid serious injury as a result of 10+ people firing rubber bands at them at once.

3.    The 100 step sprint

office worker sprinting - The W1nners' Club

Equipment required:

  • Unrestricted access to the stairwell of about four storeys in your office building
  • Someone who can whistle loudly with their fingers


The premise of this event is quite simple. On the whistle, your aim is to sprint up the stairs as quickly as possible and the person that completes 100 steps in the fastest time is the winner. You will need somebody to stand at the 100 step point with a stopwatch (a smartphone timer will do) to record the time taken subsequent to the whistle sounding at the start of the run. This event can be scaled up for other distances such as the 200 steps, the 400, the 1500 and so on – depending how big your office building is.

4.    Shove ha’penny

office Shove Ha'penny - The W1nners' Club

Equipment required:

  • 1x 2p piece
  • Fingers like Mozart


This is very much an event based on skill rather than strength. Office shove ha’penny should be played across a clear desk by two participants. The aim is as the name suggests – to shove a penny across to your opponent’s end of the desk. Each, ‘shove’ must be performed by a single strike in a flicking motion using an index finger. You get three ‘strikes’ per round and a point is scored if you manage to shove the penny to your opponent’s end with enough of it balancing over the edge to enable you to flick it up and catch it in mid-air. The 1st person to 10 points wins.  NB: Make sure you return the penny to its rightful owner afterwards.

5.    Bobsleigh

office bobsleigh - The W1nners' Club

Equipment required:

  • 1x office chair with wheels
  • 1x colleague to ‘ride’ the bobsleigh


The bobsleigh event requires you to place your colleague in his/her chair and if possible strap the person in using a belt, a selection of suit ties or even a pair of women’s tights.  If you work in an office with multiple rows of desks, you should push the bobsleigh around the ‘circuit’ using the spaces in between the desks without your colleague falling out of the chair. The quickest person to complete the circuit wins. The traditional circuit design should be as follows:

Desk arrangement - The W1nners' Club

6. Medieval Jousting

Office Jousting - The W1nners' Club

Equipment required:

  • 2x office chairs
  • 2x colleagues to ‘ride’ the chairs
  • 2x colleagues to push the chairs
  • 2x mops acquired from the cleaner’s broom cupboard

The medieval jousting event involves two, ‘riders’ positioned at opposite ends of the office holding a mop each. The aim is to knock your opponent out of their chair. Each chair will be pushed at speed in the direction of the opponent and the rider will hold the mop under his or her arm (see picture above). The rider must aim for the body (or the head) of their opponent and attempt to knock them from their chair. Riders are not to be strapped in for this event and the winner is the 1st person to knock their opponent off their chair 10 times (assuming the event lasts that long without things getting out of hand).

7.    Javelin

Office Javelin - The W1nners' Club

Equipment required:

  • 1 sheet of folded up A4 paper


The rules of this event are very simple. Participants must construct a paper aeroplane using the sheet of A4 paper that will have been procured from the office printer. The winner is the person who sends their paper aeroplane the furthest.

8.    Swivel chair drag racing

swivel chair racing - The W1nners' Club

Equipment required:

  • 2x office swivel chair with wheels
  • 2x colleagues to provide ‘propulsion’


This event is very similar to the bobsleigh but it’s performed over an open patch of office space. Participants must race side-by-side and whoever crosses the finish line first wins. The event is probably more suited to less obese members of staff as starting and stopping could be a problem if the ‘driver’ is overweight.

9.    Wrestling

Office Wrestling - The W1nners' Club

Equipment required:

  • 2x colleagues who despise each other


The wrestling event is useful because it can double up as an effective way for staff members who don’t get on very well to settle their differences. The rest of the department should form a large circle in an open-spaced area of the office. The wrestlers then slug it out with each other in the makeshift ring with each person aiming to pin their opponent down to the floor for a minimum 3 seconds. The only rules to this event are no biting, no punching, no kicking and no spitting………from members of the audience at least!

10.    Marathon

Office Marathon - The W1nners' Club

Equipment required:

  • Another branch of your company situated in a neighbouring town


Participants will race to your company’s other branch wearing their usual business suits / high heels etc. The winner is whoever reaches the destination first without collapsing. If your company doesn’t have another branch within a 26 mile radius, you could use the office of a competitor instead – just be mindful of the fact that you won’t be able to use their washing facilities at the finish line.


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