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Frangrances - The W1nners' Club

Smell is one of the most important senses in the animal kingdom and humans being animals as well, albeit with slightly less hair (in most cases) and a marginally higher capacity to reason – also use smell as a fundamental way of interacting with each other.

The way we smell establishes our personal brand. It can also affect the way people view us to such an extent that it plays a major role in deciding who you end up snogging at the office Christmas party.

You therefore have to choose the fragrance you wear carefully to ensure you select an aroma that fits snugly with how you want to be seen by colleagues at work.

The non-smokers and people who have never put things into their nostrils that they shouldn’t here at The W1nners’ Club (of which there are very few), analysed various fragrances to put together this guide to help you decide whether or not you’re giving off the right aroma in the workplace.

Hopefully it’ll all make scents:

The Great Outdoors

Fragrances:  Guerlain – Eau de Guerlain, Yves Saint Lauren – Y, Chanel – Cristalle, Eau de Cartier, Dior – Eau Savage, Jo Malone – Grapefruit

What they say about you: You shouldn’t really be working in an office should you? The citrussy notes of the above blends suggest you have a passion for the great outdoors and would be much more comfortable in a pair of hiking boots than stilettos. Whilst some of your colleagues may occasionally spend time at a spa wearing a mud pack, you can’t wait for your forthcoming camping trip where you’ll get to spend your days trudging through the mud. You’re a disciple of mother nature, so maybe you should quit the 9-5 and get a job rescuing baby seals or protesting about pollution.

IT Girl

Fragrances: Armani – Code pour femme, Dolce & Gabanna – The One, Kenizo – Flower, Guerlain – L’institut de Guerlain, Yves Saint Lauren – Opium, Calvin Klein – Obsession, Shalimar by Guerlain

What they say about you: It’s a surprise you manage to find eight hours in the day to do your job, given the amount of socialising you do. You’d quite happily be seen at the opening of an envelope if you could get the drinks signed off on your expenses or alternatively, if there’s a free bar with Prosecco on tap available. The oriental notes of the fragrances above demand attention and will always get you noticed in a crowd. Just be sure to remove your make-up when you get in at 3 am every evening for six consecutive weeks.

Wife Material

Fragrances:  Christian Dior – J’adore, Estee Lauder – Pure White Linen, Victoria Secret – Very Sexy, Calvin Klein – Secret Obsession, Tom Ford – Black Orchid

What they say about you:  You’re not necessarily the girl all the guys in the office want to sleep with, but you’re the one they’d settle down with. You’re unique because the boys all dig you and the girls love hanging out with you as well. Sex appeal is not necessarily about flaunting yourself, but more about being secure with who you are as a person. The woody notes of the above fragrances suggest a freshness and vitality that makes everyone around you feel comfortable. You could be suffering from a cold, having a bad hair day and wearing a onesey, yet still everybody would find you attractive.

Football Team Captain

Fragrances: Bvlgari – Aqua, Lacoste – Challenge, Burberry – Touch for Men, Davidoff – Cool Water, L’Eau D’Issey pour homme, Dlish – Clean Men

What they say about you: You’re smart, athletic, handsome and a natural leader. If any of your colleagues have a problem, they confide in you because you always seem to have all the answers. The only reason you haven’t yet been promoted to CEO of the organisation is because you’re still in your 3 month probationary period, but in next to no time you’ll almost certainly be running the show. Charisma is not something you can teach, it’s something you apply on yourself when you get out of the shower.

The Brains Behind the Braun

Fragrances:  Giorgio Armani – Acqua di Gio pour homme, Sean John – Unforgivable, Banana Republic – Republic of Men, Hanae Mori – HM

What they say about you: Techy, geeky, nerdy, boffin. These words used to be insults in the pre-digital age but nowadays the tech boffins are the rock stars of the day. Facebook, Google, Twitter – these are the brands that define the way we live and your fascination and passion for modern living is infectious. Everybody wants you on their team for the pub pop quiz and whilst your look is under stated cool, your intellect screams to get noticed. To achieve sophistication with minimal effort is no mean feat and the only problem that ever forces you to exert yourself is whether you should download your personal files from the cloud and store them on your iphone or ipad. Everybody else is looking forward to the future, but you’re already there.


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