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Surveillance - The W1nners' Club

You’ve had your suspicions for a while now. Maybe it’s the incomplete explanation for how the meeting went, or maybe it’s the handful of shopping bags they always come back to the office laden with? Whatever the clues are, years of managerial experience tell you that one of your team members might not be turning up to all the client meetings that they claim to have booked into their Outlook Calendar.

Your job therefore is to catch the offender red-handed!

Follow the steps below if you want to stay undetected whilst tailing a staff member who is on the way to their next bogus ‘meeting.’

1.    Find the choke point


In the murky world of surveillance, the choke point is the central location that your target will leave the building from and return to. In most offices this will usually be the office entrance or exit, but also consider such places as escalators and/or lifts as well.

2.    Disguise yourself


The Groucho Marx style fake nose and glasses disguise might be overdoing things a little bit, but you’ll need to alter your appearance in some way if you’re going to catch a team member who is going to a job interview with another company rather than the meeting they have told you they are going to. You should at least wear a hat or change the style or colour of coat that you usually wear.

3.    Leave the office before the suspect


This will enable you to get to the choke point with the suspect remaining unaware that they are being followed.

4.    Follow the suspect


If the suspect takes a taxi to their ‘meeting,’ you can either tail them in your own vehicle whilst remaining careful to stay at least three cars behind them, or simply note down the taxi registration plate and contact the company later on to find out where they were dropped off. If the suspect departs on foot, be sure to maintain a safe distance.

5.    Don’t give up if you lose them


The chances are, your team member will be going to the same place again, so you can always follow your target on another occasion.

6.    Bring in extra help


You may want to consider recruiting other members of your team to help you tail the suspect. The optimum number for a surveillance team is three people. You should place one person closest to the target who constantly has them in their line of sight. A second person should follow the ‘eye,’ and a third person should be positioned across the street. The main thing to remember is not to make eye contact with the target or they will quickly realise that they’ve been rumbled.


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