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little girls using a can as a listening device - The W1nners' Club


Let’s face it. You’re just not senior enough to get called in for the really important meetings in your office.

All is not lost however.

The following techniques will give you access to the meeting information regardless of whether you’ve been invited to attend or not, so you’ll still have first hand knowledge of who management will be nominating for the ‘employee of the year’ award at Christmas:


  1. Get hold of a lockable briefcase like the one pictured below

    attache case - The W1nners' Club2. Dig out your old smartphone

It needs to have a voice recording facility.

3. Modify your briefcase


Tape the mobile phone onto the inside of the briefcase’s lid. You’ll need to make sure the phone’s microphone is exposed so that it can pick up voices and conversation clearly.

4. Pay a visit to your boss’s office


It’ll work best if you can make an appointment with the boss on the day of the meeting that you’re planning to record.

5. After your meeting with the boss, ‘accidentally’ leave your briefcase behind


During your meeting with the boss, you will need to slip the briefcase under the desk or somewhere else in the room that will render it inconspicuous.

6. Return to pick up the briefcase at the end of the day


Crucially, this needs to be after the meeting that you’ve just recorded. Simply explain to your boss’s PA that you ‘forgot’ your briefcase in the boss’s office and ask if you can have it back.


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