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Shaun Ryder Pretty Vacant- The W1nners' Club

Have you ever been banned from the office because of your use of foul language?

If you have, don’t worry because you’re not alone.

The Chris Evans fronted 90s TV show TFI Friday courted controversy as a result of an expletive ridden performance by former Black Grape and Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder.

TFI Friday was famous for its raucous mix of music and live chat every Friday night, but a single over exuberant performance by the notoriously potty mouthed Ryder put paid to that forever.

Two previous TFI Friday guests had already uttered the f-word live on air before the watershed and the producers of the show had been subject to repeated warnings from the Independent Television Commission about the content of their show. Their response was to invite none other than the famously foul-mouthed Ryder and his then band Black Grape onto the show to perform a version of the Sex Pistols’ classic Pretty Vacant.

Despite having already been banned from doing live interviews on the show as a result of his previous use of bad language, Ryder couldn’t help but add a bit of spice to his performance by saying the word f*ck as often as was humanly possible in a live broadcast of his musical performance.

Ryder was subsequently banned from appearing live on any Channel 4 programme and he is in fact the only person that is listed by name in the Channel 4 transmission guidebook in relation to such matters. Despite this, he was recalled to appear in the live TFI Friday 20th Anniversary Special in June 2015.

Have a look at the clip below and ask yourself if you would have to wait 20 years before being allowed back to your place of work for using foul language in the office. Given some of the language that’s used here at The W1nners’ Club by some of our staff members, you’d be forgiven for thinking that rock stars have it much harder than the rest of us!


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