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Have you ever said something less than flattering about somebody at work that you’ve just been on the phone to and then realised you haven’t actually hung up yet? Perhaps your derogatory comments were made just as a customer’s phone went to voicemail and you didn’t realise?

If you have been caught out bad-mouthing somebody on a professional level in the past, you are not alone because even the royal family occasionally make the odd blunder about the people they have to work with.

Back in 2005, Prince Charles was caught voicing his disdain at having to face the media whilst on his annual holiday at a ski resort in Klosters, Switzerland.

Whilst posing for an official photograph with sons William and Harry eight days before his wedding to Camilla Parker-Bowles, the Prince muttered, “Bloody People,” under his breath, not realising that the assembled microphones that were present could pick up everything he was saying.

His Royal Highness then went on to say the words, “I hate doing this,” as a legion of press and media were assembled for an official photo call.

Charles was apparently angry that paparazzi photos of William and then girlfriend Kate Middleton had turned up in newspapers.

When the Royal correspondent for the BBC Nicholas Witchell proceeded to ask Prince Charles about his thoughts in the run-up to his wedding he was given a blunt reply.

“I am very glad you have heard of it, anyway,” said the prince, before muttering quietly to Prince William and Harry: “These bloody people. I can’t bear that man. I mean, he’s so awful, he really is.”

The princes broke out into laughter when they were asked whether they had chained their father to a lamppost during his stag party, which in turn caused Charles to ask loudly why that would ever happen. His sons subsequently explained that it’s a traditional joke played on bridegrooms to be.

Charles’ Communication Secretary said of the incident, “He doesn’t have contempt for the media. A few paparazzi yesterday got the holiday off to a bad start. I think the prince was a little bit upset about that.”

You can be thankful that the next time you have a good moan about somebody you have to work with and get accidentally recorded on voicemail, the subsequent audio clip won’t end up on the news the following day – we hope!

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