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Julius Malema - The W1nners' Club

Have you ever been thrown out of a workplace meeting for questioning the conduct of senior management?

If you have, you’re not alone.

Julius Malema and fellow members of South Africa’s radical left wing Economic Freedom Fighter Party (EFF) were ejected from the South African parliament before State President Jacob Zuma was scheduled to make a state of the nation address in February 2017.

Mr Zuma had attempted to begin his speech on two occasions previously, but was shouted down by chants of “thief” by EFF MPs and their firebrand leader Malema.

President Zuma had previously been marred by allegations of corruption and nepotism alongside receiving fierce criticism for his handling of the economy.

Previous addresses by the President had also been steeped in controversy as MPs repeatedly demanded his resignation.

Amid a volley of raised voices, the Speaker of the House Ms. Baleka Mbete tried in vain to deal with repeated interruptions to the proceedings.

Mr Malema referred to Mr Zuma as, “an incorrigible man, rotten to the core,” before turning his attention to the speaker and saying to her: “Your conduct has failed you. You are irrational, impatient, partisan.”

Ms. Mbete then addressed the protesting MPs and said: “We have been patient with you, we have been trying to give you an opportunity to express yourselves but… it is being abused.”

Security guards were eventually deployed and they charged into the hall to form a donut of white shirts around the red-suited MPs of the EFF.

After a violent exchange of fisticuffs with bodies being dragged over parliamentary furniture, the red suits of the EFF were eventually ejected from the chamber.

Have a look at the clip below and ask yourself if you would get forcibly removed from a workplace meeting for causing a disruption when the boss is trying to make a speech. It might be something to consider going forward if your contribution to the office suggestion box keeps on being ignored?

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