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john McEnroe You can't be serious - The W1nners' Club


Do you ever have one of those days at work where nothing ever seems to go your way? The boss won’t leave you alone and pretty much blames you for everything that goes wrong regardless of whether it was your fault.

We all have days like this now and again and international sports superstars are no different.

What is different however, is how you’re allowed to react. Unfortunately when the boss is giving you a hard time because they’ve made a mistake, you can’t just yell at them in frustration or you’ll end up in very deep water indeed.

Tennis star John McEnroe became as well known for his on court tantrums as he was for his tennis. He was undoubtedly one of the greatest players of his generation if not all time, but he was just as skilled in the art of throwing an on court wobbly if the umpire’s decision didn’t go his way.

One particular incident at the Wimbledon 1981 tennis tournament witnessed the birth of the catchphrase, ‘You cannot be serious!’ and it went on to become as famous as the tennis star’s trademark frizzy mop and headband.

Have a look at the following clip and ask yourself if you’d still have a job if you threw a tantrum in the office like Mr. McEnroe did at his:


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