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Jay Kay Headbutt - The W1nners' Club

Have you ever been headbutted after attending a film premier as a result of your status in the industry you work in?

If you have, you’re not alone.

Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay was on the receiving end of a headbutt from a paparazzi photographer after attending the London premiere of Star Wars Attack Of The Clones back in May 2002.

The funky-hatted pop icon was involved in an altercation with photographer Alan Grisbrook who headbutted him after Mr. Kay accused him of denting the brand spanking new Bentley he had just acquired.

Trouble flared when Kay approached the photographer and blamed him for damaging the car and Kay later said in an interview with The Sun: “I went up to him and asked him why he’d done it, the next moment he gave me a nice juicy headbutt… He ran inside the club and I went after him to bring him back to face the music. But everybody held me back.”

Grisbrook however claims that he didn’t touch the pricey Bentley and says that after Mr. Kay had asked the onlooking crowd who had vandalised his prize motor, “He then picked on me, probably because I’m the oldest and the smallest… I don’t remember butting him. There could have been a clash of heads, but nothing deliberate.”

The singer suffered a bloodied and swollen, but not broken nose as a result of the scuffle and later said of the incident, “I admit I was angry and so would you be if someone booted your brand new Bentley,” before joking to the audience at a subsequent gig that, “The great thing about being a pop star is you can afford a good nose job.”

Have a look at the video clip below and ask yourself what you would do if someone headbutted you on a night out after work because you accused them of damaging your car, it’s fair to say that if the car in question was a Bentley you might consider taking a cab home the next time you go out!


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