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Dennis Skinner - The W1nners' Club

Have you ever been thrown out of a workplace meeting for insulting the person in charge of your organisation?

If you have, you’re not alone.

Labour MP Dennis Skinner was thrown out of the Parliament chamber for calling then Prime Minister David Cameron, ‘Dodgy Dave’ over his personal finances back in April 2016.

The MP for Bolsover was asked on two separate occasions to withdraw the jibe which was made during a House of Commons debate on the Panama Papers revelations, by speaker John Bercow.

Mr. Skinner twice declined to withdraw his comment, which led Mr. Bercow to ask Mr. Skinner to leave the house for the rest of the day on grounds of using unparliamentary language.

Mr Skinner said in the debate: “Does the Prime Minister recall that at the time after he became Prime Minister under the coalition and at the time when he was dividing the nation between strivers and scroungers, I asked him a very important question about the windfall he received when he wrote off the mortgage of the premises in Notting Hill, and I said to him he didn’t write off the mortgage of the one taxpayers were helping to pay for at Oxford. I didn’t receive a proper answer then. Maybe dodgy Dave will answer it now.”

The microphones that were near to Mr. Skinner were swiftly cut off as he tried to continue his tirade whilst Mr. Bercow sought to intervene.

Under parliamentary rules, no MP is allowed to accuse another member of being dishonourable – which in theory means every single member of the house should be ejected every time Prime Minister’s question time takes place.

Have a look at the video below and ask yourself what disciplinary measures you would be subjected to if you questioned the boss’s morality in front of all your colleagues in a meeting, it’s fair to say you might be asked to leave for slightly longer than the rest of the day.


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