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david Cameron - The W1nners' Club

Have you ever been caught making disparaging remarks about clients just before doing a presentation in front of the very clients you’ve been talking about?

If so, fear not because you are not alone.

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron was caught saying that people from Yorkshire hate each other whilst rehearsing for a speech that he was due to make in Leeds.

Mr. Cameron was wearing a microphone but was not in camera shot when he said: “We just thought people in Yorkshire hated everyone else, we didn’t realise they hated each other so much.”

The ex-PM was thought to be rehearsing an answer to a question on devolution and the number of bids from the county ahead of his speech on the economy.

He was heard speaking to an unidentified male off-stage about the region’s devolution proposals and is not thought to have known that he was being recorded.

Later that day Mr. Cameron told the BBC’s Test Match special programme during his visit to the one day cricket international between England and Australia: “I said to an aide that I thought Yorkshiremen had it in for other people rather than each other, clearly as a joke – I’ve been absolved by two of the greatest living Yorkshiremen; Geoffrey [Boycott] and Dickie Bird [who] both agreed it was a joke.”

The leader of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Mr. Peter Box, a leading proponent of devolution bids from the Leeds City Region described the ex-Prime Minister’s comments as “amusing”.

“There’s some truth in it,” he added. “We’re quite tribal, we’re competitive within Yorkshire, let alone with the rest of the country.”

Labour leader of Leeds City Council, Judith Blake, criticised the former PM and said that Yorkshire people are the “friendliest in the world,” before adding: “If Mr Cameron visited Leeds more often, rather than for the occasional political stunt, he’d soon get to know that.”

Have a look at the clip below and think back to a time when you were caught bad-mouthing clients that you were about to make a presentation to. It’s safe to say that you probably wouldn’t have needed to hold a referendum on Europe before ending up out of a job!


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