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Carole Walker brushing hair - The W1nners' Club


Working life has a habit of catching you unaware at the most inappropriate of moments and just because you’re a BBC newsreader, it doesn’t mean you won’t get caught doing something you really shouldn’t be doing in front of people you’d rather hadn’t seen you do it.

Carole Walker was unfortunately caught combing her hair in front of a live TV audience as the programme went on air early – significantly, before she’d finished coiffing her immaculate barnet.

Ever the professional however, Ms. Walker hastily shoved her comb back under the desk and began to read the headlines out loud as if nothing had happened.

What’s more impressive however, is the way in which she carried on with her handbag on the table in front of her as if conducting an informal meeting with a disgruntled member of staff in her office.

Have a look at the video below and think back to a time when you got caught doing something at work that wasn’t included in your job description.

You can be thankful it was only the boss that caught you rather than a worldwide TV audience of millions….




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