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Boris Johnson zip wire - The W1nners' Club


Have you ever done a presentation at work in front of the board of directors and suddenly noticed that you’ve opened the wrong file?  Perhaps the computer you’re using has decided that this is the day, above all others that it would be a good idea to come down with a computer version of man flu?

Whatever the workday disaster, you’re not the only one who has tried to demonstrate the benefits of a new product or service and been left ‘hanging’ as a major malfunction takes place.

Boris Johnson who was Mayor of London back in 2012, was left dangling in mid-air whilst attempting to ride a zip wire as part of the Olympic celebrations.

Mr Johnson had been invited to ride the 1,050ft (320m) zip line in Victoria Park and donned a hard hat whilst holding two Union flags as he attempted to sail down.

Unfortunately for Mr. Johnson, he ended up grinding to a halt on the wire roughly 65ft (20m) from the end as it sagged, and was left dangling in an undignified manner in front of the watching crowd.

The Mayor spent several minutes suspended comically in mid-air, as amused spectators took video footage and photographs of the unfolding debacle.

Upon being asked how he was feeling by an onlooker he replied, “very, very well thank you”, before yelling: “Get me a rope, get me a ladder” to the bystanders that were present.

Mr. Johnson then went on to say rather unconvincingly, “It’s very, very well organised, it’s going well so far,” before waving his flags and leading the audience in cheering on Britain’s gold medal-winning rowers.

Staff eventually came to the Mayor’s rescue and used a rope to tow him to the bottom of the line whilst Mr. Johnson stated that he wouldn’t want to be up there all afternoon.

The cause of the incident was understood to have been down to a “loss of momentum” as the wire sagged lower than expected.

Have a look at the video clip below and ask yourself if you would remain as cheerful as Boris did if the presentation you were doing on behalf of your company ended up in complete and utter comical disaster.



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