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Bjork attacks reporter - The W1nners' Club

Have you ever attacked a journalist upon arriving in a foreign country whilst on a business trip accompanied by your son?

If you have, you’re not alone.

Icelandic pop warbler Bjork saw red when she was approached by reporter Julie Kauffman as she arrived at Bangkok’s Dong Mueang airport back in 1996. When the journalist greeted her by saying, “welcome to Bangkok,” Bjork responded by hitting the shocked reporter around the head several times in a fit of anger and tore at her hair after throwing her to the ground. The crazed attack was captured on camera by onlookers and the singer later claimed that reporters had been continually hassling her son Sindri who was travelling with her.

Bjork later apologised to the woman and issued a public statement that cited exhaustion as the reason for the attack.

Ms. Kaufmann in turn declined to press any charges and let the matter drop.

The incident was replayed almost verbatim 12 years later when Bjork arrived at Auckland International Airport in New Zealand on her way to perform at the Big Day Out festival. This time around she tore the shirt of press photographer Glenn Jeffrey.

Jeffrey – a news photography veteran of 25 years said that Bjork was accompanied by a man who had asked him not take photographs.

“I took a couple of pictures and I got about three or four frames of her……and as I turned and walked away she came up behind me, grabbed the back of my black skivvy and tore it down the back. As she did this she fell over, she fell to the ground. At no stage did I touch her or speak with her.”

Bjork apparently said nothing throughout the entire incident but the man with her was noted as having said: “B, don’t do this, B, don’t do this,”‘ according to Jeffrey.

Have a look at the video clip below and ask yourself if your career would be adversely affected if you went all Wing Chun on a member of the press who welcomed you into the city you have just flown into for business purposes. It’s fair to say that you might struggle to get as violently happy as Ms. Guðmundsdóttir did on this occasion.



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