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Bee Gees - The W1nners' Club


Have you ever been in a department meeting when it feels like everybody in the room is having a go at you for absolutely no reason at all? It can get a bit much can’t it?

When you’re in one of the highest selling music groups of all time however, it would appear the tolerance levels the rest of us have to show when it comes to having our feathers ruffled don’t really apply.

Back in 1997, satirical TV host Clive Anderson interviewed the Bee Gees for his popular chat show named, ‘All Talk.’ All seemed to be going well until Anderson mentioned their previous name, ‘Les Tosseurs,’ and also cracked a joke about not remembering the band’s hit ‘Don’t Forget to Remember’ (get it?).

The stroppy Bee Gees didn’t take too kindly to such ribbing – eventually deciding enough was enough and left the stage leaving an awkward and bemused Anderson to announce the end of the show.

The crunch moment in the interview went as follows:

Barry Gibb: “We’re getting on like a storm, aren’t we Clive?” (sarcastically) “In fact I might just leave.”

Clive Anderson: “I’ve never had anyone walk out before…”

Barry Gibb: “You called me a tosser, pal.”

Barry then walks off, followed swiftly by Robin, and not so quickly by Maurice who struggled awkwardly to remove his mic even though his brothers had long left the stage.

The awkward moment got plastered over the newspaper front pages and is still remembered today as one of the most cringeworthy moments in modern broadcasting.

Have a look at the clip for yourself and take a second to work out if you would be allowed to stroll out of a meeting at work because someone had said something you weren’t happy with.


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